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23 April 2012
Cross border- and Lithuanian success teams in Going Abroad
The method success teams means investing in the developement of business skills and sustainability of female enterprises. Success teams aim to exchange of experience on the basis of a structured meeting plan to improve competitiveness, growth and international cooperation to develop new products, services and new ideas. The entrepreneurs in the success teams will act as an international board in each other´s companies. In Going Abroad both transnational success teams and  Lithuanian success teams have been established and there will be more in the future!

Read more about the success teams established so far, here:

Cross border success teams 2012.doc

Rietavas Success Team 1.pdf

Rietavas Success Team 2.pdf

Rietavas Success Team 3.pdf

Kretinga success team 1 .doc

Kretinga success team 2.doc

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