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4 May 2012
Gender analysis of the present situation in germany, Lithuania and Sweden - labour market, entrepreneurship, cross border exchange in trade and business cooperation
Take part of the report "Gender analysis of the present situation in Germany, Lithuania and Sweden– labour market, entrepreneurship,cross border exchange in trade and business cooperation" written by Marta Hozer-Kocmiel, University of Szczecin, Poland and Urszula Zimoch, University of Helsinki, Finland within the framework of Going Abroad.

Accurate connecting business potential across borders requires good knowledge of the situation of countries or regions that are about to cooperate. Statistical analysis is a tool that gives specific, unambiguous comparison of regions. Cross-border networks operate more smoothly if individual stakeholders in the networks know the socio-economic situation of the partners. It is also important to separate the gender dimension of these structures and processes. Targeting and supporting successful small and medium entrepreneurs cannot be gender blind".

The report: Gender analysis_April_2012.pdf


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