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10 September 2013
Karina Tomaszewska won EUROLEADERS scholarship

Karina Tomaszewska from our Polish associated partner the University of Szczecin/WRC, Poland won a scholarship and enrolled a community for business women – Euroleaders (www.euroliderki.pl) - The project is similar to Going Abroad and we congratulate Karina to this great achievement! 

The competition was organized by the Eurleaders School, ASUS and Intel and the question was:

‘Why are you a leader and what is your aim?’ There were more than 600 applications and only 13 women got a scholarship including free participation in the Euroleaders School.

About Euroleaders:

Euroleaders School (SEL) is an innovative and exclusive project targeted at women planning to strengthen their social and economic activity.

Euroleaders School is a unique project designed for women who perform managerial functions in companies, government and public life. Its main goal is to build a network of contacts and relationships between the participants in all editions, teachers and special guests.
An important element of the project is to strengthen the leaders by increasing their competence in the wider field of management. The first edition of the SEL included 10 meetings held in 2012 in Szczecin and showed a great need to continue the project. Female students SEL 2012 Szczecin issued high praise for both lecturers and organizers also actively engaged in building the Club SEL, which is an integral part of the project. The first edition was organized in Szczecin as post-graduate studies (the first of its kind in Poland) in cooperation with the College of Business. In addition to creating it, the best practitioners were invited - someone with experience and knowledge, and measurable success in their career paths.


The program is divided into the following blocks:

- SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY OF LEADERSHIP - during the course participants can enhance a specific managerial skills. They will also receive practical tips on how interpersonal skills affect the management team.

- ETHICS  - the impact of ethics on business under the business and politics. Analysis of several forms of ethical activity - discuss specific examples from the world of media, politics and business.

- MANAGEMENT - running any business is based primarily on management. Participants reinforce the skills that make it easier to answer the question of where it is going and what kind of work people will be able to carry out a specific plan.

- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS - in the classroom are discussed major issues concerning international politics and macroeconomics. The emphasis is on the workshops on cultural differences (Germany, Russia, Ukraine).

- MARKETING - marketing as a way of project management in which each decision is considered in terms of audience.

- CULTURE - for these activities, we strengthen the ability to use media tools, proper and effective speaking and behaving in a particular environment.

- SELF-PRESENTATION - participants intensify skills of self-presentation as one of the aspects of leadership. Workshops take into account factors relating to sex and perceived as successful women leaders.

22 March 2012
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