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About Going Abroad

Any enterprise, no matter what size, that wants to export and do international business development faces a number of challenges and obstacles that need to be clarified and taken care of. As a company you need to know how to build up sales channels and partnerships – which can be overwhelming for a small company. This project will cut these barriers for very small companies through crossborder cooperation and give the participating entrepreneurs and their companies a head start. 

Who are we

We are a project amongst partners and associated organisations from Sweden, Germany, Lithuania and Poland. The project is part-financed by the South Baltic Programme and lasts from June 2011 until December 2013.

The objective of this project is to strengthen the business potentials of women’s enterprises across borders by creating networks and providing new knowledge to enable them to run their enterprises sustainable and competitive. It helps the female entrepreneurs to tackle the problems associated with accessing new markets and facilitates the steps to export and international trade. Thus, the project’s efforts will contribute to economic growth in society.

Who are you?

You are our target group if you are a female entrepreneur running a micro-enterprise in the participating regions in Sweden, Germany or Lithuania.

You need help with learning all you need to know about the regulations on different markets, financing, establishing sales channels and contacts in other countries. If you join the project, we offer you a range of activities supporting your "journey" towards export and international trade.

The other two target groups, the secondary ones, play a crucial role when it comes to dissemination and durability. They consist partly of Women´s Resource Centres, including Winnet Sweden and Winnet Europe. Moreover, they consist of
 business and information organisations working with female entrepreneurs, partly enterprise organisations like branch organisations, Chambers of Commerce, National Trade Agencies, Regional and Local business service providers and incubators.  

How the cooperation between Going Abroad and the participants of the project works:

We provide thematic workshops that allow you to acquire new knowledge about business training and coaching in branch networks. In the next step, you will meet entrepreneurs from abroad to exchange your experiences, discover potential, and get ideas for development and cooperation.

Finally, the Success Team method will be used - first on a national and later on an international level. All female entrepreneurs have the option to register to become part of  such a Success Team. Going Abroad will then select suitable participants.

Success Teams aim to exchange experience on the basis of a structured meeting plan in order to improve competitiveness, growth and international cooperation, as well as to develop new products, services ideas.

Read more about the Success Team Method

In March 2013 five new Success Teams hav started their cooperation – have a look at the
 five Success Teams from 2013.

The project

The project builds networks that connect small enterprises. Exchange of knowledge between enterprises from the three countries will be essential in order to increase trade. Identified best practices will be documented in a handbook which will be used as a transferable system of how to increase revenue in small enterprises through trade.

This project contributes to increase trade between small companies and lay the ground for a higher competitiveness of the whole South Baltic area by forming cross-border clusters of small enterprises that can act together.

This project contributes to the achievement of the European Growth and Job Strategy, more specifically, the achievement of the targets for smart growth.

Components and project organisation:

Component 1: Management and coordination

Component 2: Communication and dissemination

Component 3: Branch networks

Component 4: Success Teams

Going Abroad – Connecting business potential across borders
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