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Component 4

Success Teams

Participants of success teams are female entrepreneurs with interest in and sufficient potential for cross-border cooperation, recruited from the workshops and networks described in Component 3.

The project will focus on entrepreneurs who run small businesses, lacking own capacities to establish international contacts, enter the international market or cooperate with companies from abroad. The success teams will support and advice each other regarding new market opportunities and potential co-operations.

The method success teams means investing in the development of business skills and sustainability of female enterprises. Success teams aim to exchange of experience on the basis of a structured meeting plan to improve competitiveness, growth and international cooperation to develop new products, services and new ideas. The entrepreneurs in the success teams will act as an international board in each other's companies.

Partner 2,
Women into Business, Germany is component manager, but, like in all other components, all partners are involved.

Success teams established 2012:

Cross Border Success Teams

Regional Success Teams

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