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Extend your network and be connected


Extend your network and be connected

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One of the project’s cornerstones is the implementation of cross-border networks which simplify the steps to export and international trade. But what does networking actually mean and how can it help you as an entrepreneur?

The Meriam Webster dictionary defines networking as:

the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business”.

This makes networking a crucial part of the business world as you as an entrepreneur need
  1. a group of people that you can trust, respect and that supports you
  2. a group of people you want to do business with

However, networking needs a lot of time and effort because, just as in a friendship, it takes time to earn someone’s trust and to get to know each other. Nonetheless, you should see networking as a long term strategy for you and your business.

Networking within Going Abroad

On project level, we want our participants to get to know each other and each other's businesses. the better you knwo another participant and their business, the more you can learn from them, the better you can judge their level of experience and their level of professionalism.

There is no short term quarantee but over time, tetting to know each other will bring you many benefits in terms of contacts, exchange of experience and references.

In order to establish such cross-border networks and to put our theory into practice, Going Abroad makes use of several social tools that help the participants to overcome the geographical borders between them, to network actively and to work closely together with their international colelagues.

Visit our blog

On The Going Abroad Blog we provide a platform for fruitful discussions, your comments and questions. Bloggers can share opinions, exchange experiences, get tips, talk about problems,and what else needs to be discussed!

Besides, the blog informs you about Going Abroad's achievements, thematic workshops and other events. You will also find pictures, interesting links and hopefully, overall inspiring information.

Going Abroad is an international project and as you rarely meet the other participants face to face, the blog is a bit like the kitchen at an office where colleagues chat with each othe and share information – our "kitchen" is just online.

This means that if you have something interesting to say to your fellow participants – please share it with them on the blog: write an entry, respond to someone else's entry, share the link to an interesting homepage or just read about what the others are up to.

Just ask yourself: Would you tell them about it if they were standing right next to you?
If the answer is YES – please put it on the blog.

Join our facebook page on

Additionally to the homepage, our facebook page informs members about upcoming and ongoing events. It is another way to contact the Going Abroad Team and puts our theory into practice. Facebook is an effective way of networking and of using available sources and assets. By joining Going Abroad on facebook, the project's participants can

  • easily get in touch with the Going Abroad Team
  • stay updated about Going Abroad's activities, events and achievements including pictures, reports and links
  • create a group for their individual Success Team. Within this group they can discuss “private” matters that only relate to their individual success team.
  • find and connect with other female participants and thereby extend their professional network

We also strongly encourage participants to create a LinkedIn profile. A profile on LinkedIn gives you the option to create networks with 150 million+ members. Manage your professional identity. Build and engage with your professional network. Access knowledge, insights and opportunities." (linkedin.com).

Have a look at the presentation on

The Role and Importance of Social Media
(within Going Abroad)

Below you find the links to manuals and handbooks on how to use these social tools:

How to use Facebook

How to use Skype

How to use LinkedIn

How to get started on the Going Abroad Blog

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