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Introducing Success Teams in Lithuania

In Febuary 2012, new Success Teams were introduced in Lithuania, by  Going abroad's partner organisations Women´s Information and Training Centre in Kretinga and Rietavas Business Information Centre. Christiane Bannuscher, from Women Into Business, also a  partner in the project, was responsible for the successful introduction.

"Many struggle alone and are forced to solve all the problems by themselves. Success Teams are a way of breaking this isolation, enabling people to both give to and accept help from others", she says. The interest in the method has been great and five Lithuanian teams have been established so far.

Lithuanian success teams 2012

Laima Dockeviciene, project partner Rietavas Business Information Centre and Antanas Cerneckis, mayor of Rietavas
Snieguole Benikiene, project partner Women´s Information and Training Centre and entrepreneurs from Rietavas Information Centre.
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