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Going Abroad in Practice

Going Abroad in Practice

In any enterprise, no matter of what size, that wants to export and do international business development faces a number of challenges and obstacles which need to be clarified and handled before they can start. As a company, you need to know how to build up sales channels and partnerships – which are matters that can be overwhelming for a small company. This project will cut these barriers for very small companies through crossborder cooperation and give the participanting entrepreneurs and their companies a head start. 

Branch networks

The first step in the project is to analyse the present situation in every participating region in order to establish a basis for building branch networks. The purpose of this analysis is to find out for which branches cross border cooperations can be relevant and how the female entrepreneurs are currently presented in their region.

Have a look at such an analysis: Gender Analysis from April 2012

Thematic workshops

On the basis of this analysis, Going Abroad develops thematic workshops. One purpose of the workshops is to initiate cross-border knowledge and to create a platform for the exchange of experience between female entrepreneurs in order to support their business activities.

The participants are trained and coached in branch networks and also get to know the supporting organisations for cross border business development and other projects in the area of cross border businesses.

Moreover, the workshops act as institutionalised meeting opportunities and, as such, will contribute to the continuity of the relations that are established. They are also the platform from which the cross-border network will be built and the participants of the Success Teams are recruited.

Everybody is welcome to attend the workshops, no matter if one is a participant of the project or not.

Example of a workshop timetable and content

Contact us if you want to know more about our workshops or if you want to register for one

National Success Teams

National Success Teams are formed by female entrepreneurs with an interest in and the sufficient potential for cross-border cooperation. Going Abroad focuses on entrepreneurs who run small businesses and lack the capacities to establish international contacts, to enter the international market or to cooperate with companies from abroad.

The Success Teams method means to invest in the development of business skills and the sustainability of female enterprises. Success Teams aim to exchange experience on the basis of a structured meeting plan, in order to improve their competitiveness, growth and international cooperation, as well as to develop new products, services and new ideas.

If you are interested in becoming part of such a Success Team, please
contact us.

In February 2012, the the Success Team Method was introduced in Lithuania. Since then, a great deal has happened. In both Rietavas and Kretinga, several Success Teams have been formed and started their activities.

Below you find all the Success Teams that have been formed in 2012

Cross Border
Success Teams 2012

Success Teams 2012

Ausra Palmira
- I believe in Success Teams as method, says Ausra Jukneviciene, showing her knitted products.
Palmira Mikalauskiene in her company. Some of the knitted products she makes are exported.

Three Cross Border Success Teams
with participants from Germany and Sweden will work together during 2012 to establish contacts, develop their companies and do business.

How the Success Teams work together in practice

Read about a possible and real example case

Going Abroad – Connecting business potential across borders
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