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A possible example of a participant’s journey with Going Abroad

This is not a real case, but it exempliefies how a female entrepreneur can profit from the cooperation with Going Abroad:

Anna runs her own business in the tourism area with a profile on healthy food in the south of Småland, Sweden. She needs to develop her business to get better profitability because she wants to have an employee. She applies to be part of Going Abroad in spring 2012 and her application is approved as Anna meets all the requirement. 

  • In summer 2012, Going Abroad invites Anna to a workshop about business potentials in Kristianstad. She attends the workshop and realises that her branch is more developed in Germany.

  • In autumn 2012, she participates in the business trip to Rostock, organised by Going Abroad, and meets three German entrepreneurs of her own branch. After fruitful discussions with the other entrepreneurs, Anna can now see a possibility to develop her own company in cooperation with these entrepreneurs and applies to participate in a Cross Border Success Team in 2013.

  • Her application is approved and as as a part of a Success Team, she can now develop her business with a strong support from the other seven entrepreneurs in her team, who act as Anna's board for the next 12 month. She also participates in several workshops in 2013.
  • In her Success Team, she and two entrepreneurs from Germany and from Lithuania make a brochure for marketing together.

  • They continue their cooperation after the project has ended and have contact points at the Women Resource Centre in Växjö, Women into Business in Rostock and the Kretinga Women Information and Training Center.   

During summer 2012, Anna is able to have an employee fulltime and from 2014 on she has an employee halftime during the winter season as well as a fulltime emlpoyee during the summer.

A real life example

Daiva Saliené from Lithuania has been part of a regional Success Team for a year and is now part of a Cross Border Success Team. Here, she tells us about her experience with Going Abroad. Thank you Daiva for your inspiring words - we hope the will inspire many others.

"I feel that last year for me was one of the best in my business. I have got many new ideas, new possibilities, much information, help and support from Going Abroad and my Success Team in Lithuania, as well as the international members. I think we were all were very lucky that all members of our team in Kretinga are very friendly, positive, full of ideas and big future plans. This was also a very big stimulus for me to create new designs for my jewelry, to try new jewelry making techniques and materials.

I have been making jewelry for more than 6 years, and all those 6 years, I was searching myself making jewelry with different technologies and different materials. I wanted to find something special, something that you can not find anywhere else, and only since last year, I am really happy with what I am doing.

The new design of my jewelry also brought in more customers, not only from Lithuania, but from the whole world. From my Success Team members I have got an offer to sell my jewelry at street markets and at their shops.
I created one more work place in my enterprise, because we now need more hands for making more jewelry and to sell it at new places.

I would never be so inspired and motivated, had I not met and spent time in meetings with members in the Lithuanian Success Team and the people from other teams from other countries who I met at the Cross-Border meetings. I never even thought that people from very different businesses and branches can offer so many amazing ideas and share such useful information, which was checked by experienced professionals with a lot of expertise, which I am planning to use."

Daiva Saliné thought that a Success Team could be the answer for her. Daiva has been selling hand-made jewellery for five years:
I want to get in touch with other women who want to sell their products abroad. I have a small shop and an internet shop, but I want to grow!
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