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 Here you find the lists of the Regional Success Teams 2012

Regional Success Teams

Regional Success Teams are formed by female entrepreneurs with an interest in and sufficient potential for cross-border cooperation. Going Abroad focuses on entrepreneurs who run small businesses and lack the capacities to establish international contacts, to enter the international market or to cooperate with companies from abroad.   
The Success Team method meand to invest in the development of business skills and sustainability of female enterprises. Success Teams aim to exchange experience on the basis of a structured meeting plan in order to improve competitiveness, growth and international cooperation, as well as to develop new products, services and new ideas.          

If you are interested in becoming part of such a Success Team, please contact us.

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1st Success Team Rietavas


 2nd Success Team Rietavas


3rd Success Team Rietavas

1st Success Team Kretinga
2nd Success Team Kretinga

Going Abroad – Connecting business potential across borders
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