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Participants and Profiles

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Marietta Stein
Cross-Border Success Team: Southern Sweden

As a travel agent and tour guide I take interested people on a trip through our small state, according to my motto – relaxation, adventure, experience. You will be picked up with an air-conditioned mini bus in front of your door (8 guests). We provide drinks and a memory picture will make this day unforgettable for you.

Mecklenburger Streifzüge
Trips through Mecklenburg

Stadtblick 7
18059 Sildemow
Phone: +49 381 4010216

Christina Lindberg
Cross-Border Success Team: Southern Sweden

Deep at the heart of the forest we serve our specialities: coffee boiled Swedish style and cold birch sap.
  Our h
erb garden is home to more than one hundred and fifty herbs and if you are looking for a great location to host your kick-off, team - building event, conference or bachelor/bachelorette party - all combined with good food - you have found the right place. We help you to create a successful event!
  Several rooms provide space for up to 110 people and if you want to stay longer, you can book one of our Swedish Stugas (Cottages).
Call us or check on our homepage if you need more information. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Timjan – restaurang, café och örtagård
Flahults Lustgård Restaurang Café Timjan
Flahult 2
570 03 Vrigstad
(Route 127 between Värnamo and Vrigstad)
Phone: +46 70 6346275

Christina Lindberg
Monika Kaiser
Cross-Border Success Team: Southern Sweden

We are there for you – in the nicest time of the year. Leave your everyday-live behind you, relax and recover. Our rooms and holiday apartments are waiting for you!

  Family celebrations, class reunions or seminars – we are happy to take care of you. Our organic chef cooks with seasonal, fresh products from our region and adapts to your food-intolerance. We are looking forward to welcome you!

Kaisers Ostseeperle
Börgerender Straße 18
18211 Börgerende-Rethwisch
Phone: +49 38203 736070

Monika Kaiser
Katrin König
Cross-Border Success Team: Eightpack

“If you want to stay at the front of the pack, you have to take the bull by the horns!”
You want more? 
You want everything to be exceptional and unique?

I offer
  • Websites that will be found
  • Business papers that convince
  • Advertising texts that will be read

  • Flyers that are well received

  • Advertising - personal and exceptional

Katrin König – text & design
Gauswisch 20
18107 Elmenhorst
Phone: 0049 381 4609460
Fax: 0381 4609460

Katrin König

Sybille Schuldt
Cross-Border Success Team: Eightpack

My offer – Danish fashion presented and tested by you – at parties or individually. No matter if in form of a fashion show, a Before and After party or a photo-shoot – you have the choice. Contact me – I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Modeberatung u. Verkauf
Fashion advice and sale

Herderstr. 21

18055 Rostock
Phone: +49 381 4903351

Sybille Schuldt
Lena Holst
Cross-Border Success Team: Habblyk

I can help your company or organization to grow!
I’ll work with advertising and marketing in my firma Collage graphic design that I started 1996. My specialities are: logotypes, brochures, ads, illustrations, roll-ups and websites.
My goal is to always give my customers a little more than they expected and my catchwords are: responsiveness, commitment and accuracy.
- Try me, let me be your partner and I will get your company or organization to grow!

Collage graphic design
Krinova Science Park
Stridsvagnsvägen 14
SE 291 39 Kristianstad;
Phone: +46 708 27 26 83

Lena Holst
Dr. phil. habil. Yvonne Adler
Cross-Border Success Team: Habblyk

It is not enough to speak to the cause; you have to speak to the people.
(S.J. Lec)

You want to be confident in difficult discussions
  • present yourself well
  • be confident in difficult discussions
  • create efficient employment related guidance/span
  • develop your team or
  • foster your children’s language development?
I will support you along the way!

KEK- KompetenzEntwicklungKommunikation
Competence development and communication
Am Wald 19
18184 Kösterbeck
Phone: +49 38204 76395

Yvonne Adler
Dr. Christiane Bannuscher
Here, you have found the right place if you want to reach your goals, find balance in your live, resolve conflicts constructively, create smart communication and connect instead of getting lost!

Management & Karriere
Management and Career

Platz der Freundschaft 1
18059 Rostock
Phone: +49 381 8770277
Fax: +49 38207 74881

Christiane Bannuscher
Dr.rer.pol. Dipl. Design Bettina Heinrichs
Cross-Border Success Team: Eightpack

The world of fashion and costumes is my profession. Development of Designs, Dessins and Brands for the clothing and textile industry.

Hamburg – Rostock
Phone: 0049-381-12733770
Bettina Heinrichs
Regina Chinow
Cross-Border Success Team: Eightpack

Create your own piece of RAKU-pottery. At my workshop, at your home or at your company – together we can create creative highlights!
• RAKU - firing
• Live pottery making
• Theme ceramic...

Rakurität Eventkeramik
Bahnhofstraße 20 
18317 Saal 
Phone: 038223.66894

Regina Chinow

Anja Weslowski
Cross-Border Success Team: Southern Sweden

I support businesses, freelancers and private people with their time consuming work at their office and thereby, give them a chance to focus on their core business. I maximise effectiveness by efficient support and I offer flexible outsourcing in terms of time and location.
• Secretarial services on site
• Office management/organisation
• Clerical work of all kind

Ostsee Office
Office and writing service

Redewisch Ausbau 13
23946 Boltenhagen
Phone 038825-389201
Mobile 0172-6394446

Anja Weslowski
Herma Stein
Cross-Border Success Team: Habblyk

The guidelines in my therapeutic practice for people in every age are:
- movement is pulse of development
- movement and nutrition are food for the brain
- not everything healthy is healthy for everyone

Dipl.-Mot. Herma Stein
Praxis für Entwicklungsbegleitung
Am Fasanenholz 13
18147 Rostock
Phone: +49 (0) 381 85 79 76 04

Herma Stein
Birgitta Estberg
Cross-Border Success Team: Habblyk

I make the difficulty easy!

I am logical and make things nice and beautiful. I am good in mathematics, presentations and both texts and pictures. I have created and designed the Maintenance Game, which has been used in more than 200 companies, schools and organisations.
   I am good at organising and have worked with many different projects, mostly projects helping women to develop their businesses. Moreover, work with aquarelle paintings, photos and wireworks.

Kårestad, Södrekvarn
S-36051 Hovmantorp
Phone:+46 709544233

Birgitta Estberg

Inga Idaitė
Kretinga's 2nd Success Team

I am a professional artist – educator who had the idea to combine these skills and to offer children:

Magical Activities are practical activities for children, where kids have the possibility to participate in creative work.
During the activities, children can create art, as well as they are trained in new art technology, to get new friends and have jolly time. Last summer I started to offer my service at a hotel in Palanga, near Kretinga, so that parents on vacation can catch a break and know their little ones to be well taken care of.

Magical Activities
Topolių st. 5-25

Kretinga Lithuania

Phone: +370 654 04836


Inga Idait

Saulė Osterberg
Kretinga's 2nd Success Team

Antique Furniture Shop

Our house – our castle.
Let‘s decorate our houses with truly royal furniture.

Alma Budginiene
Rietavas' 2nd Success Team

Do you know how to live happy and to be healthy? Together with my husband, I am seeking for that – at our place, which is under renovation now, we are setting up a development centre with a comfortable infrastructure for people to gather and organise various activities. We started our activities with the organisation of senior dancing evenings, lectures on healthy life, meetings with special people.

You are welcome to visit us and to join with your ideas and creativity!

UAB “Almjona”
Alma Budginiene

Phone +370 609 90292


Alma Budginiene
Maria von Schantz
Cross Border Success Team: HABBYLYK

I develop my own concepts to create quality and well-being for kids and grown ups. The concepts include music, and here I work together with my husband and his company von Schantz Music Production.
  Amongst other things, I have worked together with a number of pre-schools (public and private) in terms of staff- development, to strengthen the kids and the staff and to create a positive working environment. I also provide training for students in secondary school and students in adult education programmes, and further education for parents and children, whereas I here work with individual children with special needs.
  I am strongly engaged in all questions concerning children, whereas I am especially interested in pre-schools and schools. My motivation and my aim are to emphasize the role of children in our society as well as the importance of the family, both in Sweden and on an international scale. 

Pq Inspiration
Odengatan 8
SE- 2733 Tomelilla
Phone: +46705883260
Skype: pqinspiration

Maria von Schantz
Frida Beresneviciené
Kretinga's' 2nd Success Team

I am an ambassador for a healthier lifestyle.

Mokyklos st. 25

Daktarų village

Kretingos district.

Tel.: +370 686 68889

Frida Beresneviciené
Daiva Augutiené
Kretinga's' 2nd Success Team

I have been working with massage therapy for four years- Massage as a natural treatment method is as old as humanity itself. I got my business licence 3 years ago and in my own massage parlour I offer relaxing and exonerative massages.
Daiva Augutiené
Daila Knižienė
Kretinga's' 1st Success Team

Are you throwing a party? At my shop in Kretinga I have everything to make it a success! I you want, I even decorate the party location for you with balloon animals and figures, and garlands.


Community Gardens Akmena

Kretingos district.


Daila Kniziene
Daiva Salien
Kretinga's' 1st Success Team

In our family business, we are selling a collection of jewellery. I am the designer and create fancy, stylish, elegant, hand crafted, impeccable jewellery with a unique touch.
  If you want to fell like you are the only one who is that special in the whole world - come to us! Our professionally made jewellery will never make you feel boring or regular, it will enhance your self-confidence and will become your best friend.

V. Nagevičiaus g. 5

LT-97131 Kretinga

phone: +37067081207



Daiva Saliené

Daiva Dudéniené
Kretinga's' 1st Success Team

With 15 years of experience, our family business offers a big collection of woollen products – from beddings, to pillows, socks and baby blankets. We also trade second-hand wear.

Daiva Dudéniené
Vaineikių st. 8
Darbėnai, Kretingos district.
Phone: +370 676 36452

Kati Jaeger
Cross-Border Success Team: Habblyk

I offer project management concerning adult education and health care.I manage a project from the first steps to the evaluation, including

• concept of the project,
• finance planning
• acquiring participants,
• running the project
• evaluation

KPiBuG - Projekte in Bildung und Gesundheit
Kornblumenweg 1018055 Rostock / Germany
home office: +49 (0) 381 46000-40, fax -42
Mobile +49 (0)176 55194863

Kati Jaeger
Genovaite Danyliene 
Rietavas' 2rd Success Team

Me and my family are running a farm that specialises on producing cheese. Additionally, I am a passionated painter who first started copying originals, and now, more and more, paint paintings that are purely based on my phantasy and creativity.
Raimonda Narvaisiene
Rietavas' 3rd Success Team

Together with my husband we run a family business: My husband is responsible for wood processing and production, import and export.

  I am running the rural tourism farm Patyris. The farm is situated in a cozy and picturesque place, surrounded by woods. Visitors say that they feel and enjoy the very good atmosphere when they stay at the farm!
  I feel it myself too, as I like to spend most of time there together with my little daughter. We feel good being out in the nature.

You are welcome with your family and friends any time of the year!

Klaipėdos raj.


Phone: +37062056824
Raimonda Narvaisiene
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