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Winnet Kronoberg, Sweden
Partner 4, responsible for component 3: Branch networks
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Winnet Kronoberg is a non-profit organisation with about 100 members during the last years. Winnet Kronoberg has run a large amount of projects and lately these have been mainly focused on women entrepreneurs. The organisation is a regional resource center for women in the county of Kronoberg in Småland and a part of a network with about 150 regional and local resource centers for women in Sweden.

It began with the campaign "Hela Sverige ska leva" (the whole Sweden must live) in the Norrland counties 1988 that resulted in a government bill to the County Boards 1994, where they were requested to estblish resource centers for women in the counties.

The Swedish resource center model for women has spread all over Europe. The purpose is to improve the conditions for women's work and also the circumstances for women's life in general. For more information www.winnet.se

Since the beginning in 1995 Qvinnor på G, now Winnet Kronoberg, have had seminars, courses and fairs. We have arranged theme meetings, lectures, joined the work for growth in the county and above all we have run projects for women.

The organisation is working toward
- using women's and girl's skills to the best advantage for society
- facilitating women and girls to make use of the resources in society
- the ideal that women's and girl's and men's and boy's efforts should be equally valued

Young people and especially young women move out of the county and we want them to stay or move back again. Therefore there is a need for exciting jobs. Winnet Kronoberg has run a lot of projects for over 10 years. For the moment we are running a project about innovations. It is a three year long project with emphasis on women's business innovations. The big project "Blendadesign" that ended a year ago is now living in a network. Read more about it on www.blendadesign.se

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