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Rotorwerk Project Services

Rotorwerk Project Services, Rostock, Germany
Associated organisation 1, contributes with experiences and experience change

Rotorwerk Project Services from Rostock researches national and international funding programmes on behalf of companies, administrations and clubs, sources sustainable funding opportunities, develops customised projects and/or manages approved projects throughout their duration.

In a nutshell: For ten years we have been developing, coordinating and supporting projects in a national and international framework. In many cases we draft our own project ideas, for which we then research suitable partners and manage this partnership network until complete settlement of the project. As a team of experts, we bring not only the necessary project expertise but also specialist knowledge of the most varied of sectors, such as renewable energy, technological research, culture and regional development.

As many of our colleagues, cooperation partners and project network partners are women, we know the specifics of “female working”, female entrepreneurship and female cooperation very well – seeing advantages as well as limits they are often confronted with. The project “Going abroad” will give us the opportunity to learn more about how to overcome existing limits ourselves and distribute this knowledge and skills, acquired in international cooperation with partners from Sweden and Lithuania, within our cooperation networks, on the regional, national and international level.



Rotorwerk Project Services

Dr. Kristina Koebe

Stephanstraße 17

18055 Rostock

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