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Project Results


Between 2011 and 2013, 74 women participated actively in 5 National Success Teams and 7 Cross Border Success Teams:

  • 14 business women from Sweden
  • 23 business women from Germany
  • 37 business women from Lithuania

Herma Stein, Team HABBLYK, Cross Border Meeting in Rostock, September 2013, Female Business Mile (Trade Fair).

Over the course of the project the participants had the chance to meet face to face on six occasions: Two times in Sweden, in Kristianstad and Växjö, once in Rietavas and once in Kretinga in Lithuania, and twice in Rostock, in Germany.

These Cross Border Meetings were very fruitful: the participants got to know each other, had the chance to attend workshops such as Time for “fika”, the art of doing business in Sweden, Michael Engström or Doing Business in Germany, Benny Egholm Sørensen, and most importantly, different types of cooperation resulted from those meetings. Here we will name some of them:

  • Herma Stein and Barbara Simon from Rostock, Germany, have started The other Footschool together and hold workshops about Walking Properly with Joy.

  • In 2013, Yvonne Kievad, from Fjälkinge, Sweden, who runs a company that guides people and teams in transformational leadership, Levande Liv and Margareta Hjelmqvist from Vånga in Sweden, who owns an orchard with apples, granite, water and forest as a basis for business products and activities, Vånga 77.1 started working with Herma Stein (The Other Footschool) from Rostock, who held a workshop on Walking Properly with Joy in Sweden in autumn 2013 and who has already planned another workshop series for spring 2014.

  • At the Cross Border Meeting in Rostock, Margareta Hjelmqvist found three possible resellers in Germany for the Birch sap her company produces. She has moreover built up a contact with a Lithuanian entrepreneur and invited her to take a business trip to Sweden and to visit a Swedish Christmas market, a possible business opportunity.

  • Eva Stanleysson, a health counselor from Svängsta in Sweden, is in contact with Herma Stein, and got new input and exercises for her work as a water gymnastics instructor as well as new ideas for marketing her own company.

  • Kati Jaeger, PibuG from Rostock, Germany, a project manager who works with adult education and health care, works together with Birgitta Estberg’s BiEst Firma from Växjö in Sweden, who developed The Maintenance Game that has been used in more than 200 companies, schools and organizations. Kati Jaeger developed the Maintenance Game further to a team-player workshop for companies in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania. Moreover, she is the reseller for the game in Germany. Birgitta Estberg is also planning a cooperation with Rietavas Business Information Centre to export the game even to Lithuania.

  • Gerda Lichtenau, who runs her own shiitake mushroom production near Rostock, sells her mushrooms to Monika Kaiser, owner of the hotel Kaisers Ostseeperle near Rostock.

  • Inna Kirsanowa and Barbara Simon, The Other Footschool from Rostock made it possible and organized that Ausra Jukneviciene, Vaura designs – knitted fashion and Daiva Saliene, Karoliai – jewellery from Lithuania could participate in the big fair Hansesail in Rostock in August 2013.

  • Regina Chinow, owner of Rakurität Event Ceramics from Rostock, sells jewellery made by Daiva Saliene, Karoliai through her company on markets in Mecklenburg Western Pomerania.

  • Laima Dockeviciene visited Anita Skarp, Alvesta municipality and (both project partners) with a group from Rietavas at Alvesta municipality. The follow up is that Anita is invited to Rietavas as an expert to share her knowledge about how to work with a handicap (Project of handicap organisation in Leader+ framework).

  • Margareta Hjelmqvist (Vånga 77.1 and project partner from Kristianstad) and Laima Dockeviciene (Project partner from Rietavas) arranged a meeting between representatives of two Leadergroups/local Action Groups – Leader Skane Ess and LAG Rietavo iniciatyvos. This cooperation will generate visits and experiences in Lithuania and Skåne/ Blekinge.

  • Rita Urnieziene, Rietavas art school worked together with 5 entrepreneurs from Rietavas Success Teams: Rita organised a festival/competition of young performers and the entrepreneurs contributed prices from their companies for awarding the participants of the festival/competition.

  • Inna Kirsanowa put in a good word for Gabriele Dehn (two German Success Team participants) at the DDA. Gabriele Dehn is now employed as a trainer at DDA.

  • Sybille Schuldt (Friendtex, fashion) has contributed with clothing to several events held by the Women Resource Centre Women into Business.

  • Yvonne Kievad (owner of Levande Liv and Going Abroad project partner from Kristianstad) has marketed her house to possible customers when she participated in the Cross Border Meeting in Rostock. She has moreover received visits from Leader groups from Lithuania (Going Abroad project partners Rasa Baliuleviciene and Laima Dockeviciene) who did a study visit at her village. This might lead to future cooperation in Leader projects and other contexts.

  • Christine Robertson (Brownbetty, graphic design) and Marina Leyerer (Marinas Bags) have started to discuss a possible cooperation.
Other results:
  • 110 people follow Going Abroad on the Going Abroad Facebook page and more than 20 of the Going Abroad participants have created Facebook business pages for their companies, in order to market their products and services. Depending on the branch the entrepreneurs work with, a Facebook business page can be a great tool for online marketing.

  • Dissemination conferences were held on several occasions in different countries in order to spread and implement the method in other places.
  • A report on the Gender analysis of the present situationin Germany, Lithuania and Sweden – labour market, entrepreneurship, cross border exchange in trade and business cooperation was written and published by Marta Hozer- Kocmiel, Szczecin University, Poland and Urszula Zimoch, University of Helsinki, Finland in 2012. This analysis of the current situation in the participating countries and regions was the basis for building branch networks and for developing thematic workshops.
  • A handbook on The Success Team mehod – a tool for succeeding with your business was published in November 2013 that will make the dissemination and implementation of the method even easier, so that any kind of organisation or even private people can apply the method.

Going Abroad – Connecting business potential across borders
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